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A Life Worth Living

A very special young woman, Micaiah Bilger, who works with the Pennsylvania ProLife Federation, attended Cullen's services last November with a family friend.  A few months after his services, she reached out to me, asking if I would be willing to share our journey and Cullen's story to include in their next newsletter.  I knew it would be emotional to retrace every step of our journey, but felt so blessed to have the opportunity to continue sharing our story with others and hopefully impact the lives of others facing a similar journey or in a time of crisis.  

So, Micaiah and I had lunch together and talked about when we found out, what my pregnancy was like, how we tried to enjoy every moment we had with Cullen, and what it was like the day we finally got to meet him.  I was so touched how she put the words together in the article.  I pray that it bares witness to what it means to grant life even if it's only for a short while, and the sweet joy that it brings regardless of the situation.

Thank you Micaiah for the work you, and the Pennsylvania ProLife Federation, do everyday and the support you give to so many, showing them that there's always a reason to choose life.  

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Beautiful article about a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing Holly. Cullen had the best earthly parents ever!! I pray God's continued blessings on you guys.