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A Birthday Letter

To my Cullen,


It's your 2nd birthday.  It's hard to believe it has already been 2 years since the last time I held you in my arms. The greatest joy of my life was holding you and knowing God gave us such an amazing son.

I often think of how big you would be now; walking, talking, and learning.  

I wonder if you would be silly like your daddy or quieter like me.  Either way, I know you would be strong and loving, just as you were the short time you were with us.

I think of what your favorite things would be.  Would you like spaghetti, mashed potatoes, or cereal the most? 

Would orange, green or blue be your favorite color? 

Would you like  John Deere tractors, trucks, trains, or race cars more?    

I think of how independent you would probably want to be and the possible "terrible two" tantrums we would go through...

It hurts to think of all of those things we won't get to experience with you, but mommy knows that God had other plans for you.  He had plans for you to be in His arms for eternity so much sooner than most.  He had plans for you to impact the lives of so many around us in ways we could've never imagined.   

You changed our lives forever and you continue to make us proud each and everyday to be your mommy and daddy.  Your tiny little life, had a huge impact on us and so many others.

Daddy and I were together today celebrating and remembering you; everything you were and everything you are to us.  Your grandmas and pappy's, aunties, uncles and cousins joined us for supper and a small balloon celebration which I know you could see.  I like letting the balloons go and watching them rise to the heavens, reminding us always to look up and remember who has you in His hands.  We looked at pictures and reminisced about how cute and perfect you were...  

The longing to hold you in our arms again will never go away and it's hard for me to put into words just how much we miss you.  But we cling to the hope and promise that we will see you again some sweet day!


Happy Birthday sweet boy! 








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