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Cullen's Birthday Slideshow

Naomi and Niki, photographers, owners of Inspired and Enchanted Photography (, and two women who have become very special to us, took some amazing pictures, capturing the special moments we shared with our families, friends and our baby Cullen on October 30.  They have been blessed with a true gift and they touched our hearts so much by taking these pictures for us to have.  We are so thankful for Naomi and Niki both, and it meant so much to us to have them there to take part in the day Cullen was born. 

The special slideshow they put together is just beautiful, and I can not watch it without tears in my eyes.

We decided to play the slideshow the day of Cullen's services, but for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to see it or watch it, I wanted to share with you.

- Cullen's Birthday Slideshow (for those who have Facebook) -

- Cullen's Birthday Slideshow Pt. 1 (on YouTube) -

- Cullen's Birthday Slideshow Pt. 2 (on YouTube) -


Thank you Naomi and Niki!  We love and appreciate you! 


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