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Cullen's Obituary

Baby Cullen's Obituary was listed in todays Patriot News paper.  You can view it at this site online, as well.

God Bless.

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Contacting the Family

A few people have contacted me about sending cards and gifts  to the family.  Rather than post their home address online,  I am collecting whatever you would like sent their way here at her work.  You may come in to the studio at Faulkner FIAT anytime Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm or vi…

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The Little Man That Changed the World

Today was a beautiful day-- a perfect day spent with a little miracle baby. 

This morning, everyone gathered around Holly and Joe in prayer-- both physically and in spirit.  It's rare to see a doctor join a family in prayer, but Dr. Tressler held our hands while Pastor Nick spoke.  We prayed for s…

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Birthday Update #2

Cullen Joseph Tusing was born alive and healthy at 10:10 this morning. The nurses are letting the proud new mommy and daddy bond with their beautiful baby boy rather than taking measurements, but by all accounts he is a big boy with a chubby little body and cheeks to match. Joe's first words upon s…

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Happy Birthday Cullen!!

Happy Birthday Cullen!

Good morning to all the followers of Holly, Joe and Cullen's journey together!  I'm sure that all of you, like I, have read this blog with tears in your eyes and a warmth in your heart and soul.  What an amazing family we are blessed to have in our lives. Thank you to every s…

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"Extra" Time

It's Tuesday, the day before my C-Section.. the day before we get to finally hold Cullen in our arms.  It's hard to believe how fast this past week went.  But it was such a good week of relaxing with Cullen, spending time and making memories with friends and family, and teaching Cullen just a few mo…

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Cullen's Due Date

Today was Cullen's original due date.  October 24th. 

I'll never forget our first doctors appointment, our first ultrasound in March, when they confirmed our excitement... we were pregnant!  And we only had 31 more weeks to go until we met our first little baby.  They told us our due date was Oct…

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Thessalonians 5:18 recites, "...give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

Sitting here, while Joe does his bible study and we listen to our new John Buckner and the Chosen Road CD..."I Have Been Blessed", it puts me in tears.  Reflecting on our church revi…

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Our Little "Pumpkin"

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

As the days pass by now, things get a little harder, but I find myself looking to the Lord and His whispers even more.  I find myself getting slightly weaker emotionally and tired a little easier.  But it is through mom…

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37 weeks and 1 day

Yesterday I was 37 weeks and 1 day. 

I did not sleep well the night before last... I am unsure if it was my mind not shutting off with thoughts of the overwhelming day we had ahead, little Cullen getting bigger and me feeling a little more uncomfortable when trying to sleep these days, having to p…

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The Perfect Outfit

Thank you again to everyone so much for lifting us up in your prayers last Friday and Saturday.  I was so happy to be home with Joe and Cullen on Saturday night. 

Monday was our follow up doctors appointment from the short stay in the hospital.  Fortunately when they checked my blood pressure it …

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A Hospital and A Wedding Weekend

This past Friday I went in for a regular pre-natal doctors appointment.  "It will only take 15 minutes or so"... words I spoke to my mother-in-law when talking about the appointment and our plans for the day since I was off work.  We had a great day planned, including breakfast at Hershey Pantry, sh…

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Dedication Day

Today was a beautiful, blessed day.  Baby dedication day. 

After getting past a rather debilitating headache when I first woke, I started the day off as any other... Cullen and I listened to "Jesus Loves Me" and "This Little Light of Mine", dancing and singing in the bathroom, getting ready.  Two…

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Peace in the Midst of My Storm

Yesterday was a big day at the doctors office.  Three hours... slightly overwhelming, but comforting all at the same time.  When you're thinking about going to the next doctors appointment so many emotions come back and run through your mind.  Among many things I always pray for peace and comfort to…

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7 Weeks

This week has been an emotional roller coaster thinking of things we haven't done yet, decisions we need to make and another big doctors appointment tomorrow.

It hit me even harder this morning when I heard my phone "ding".  Thinking it was a text message, I picked it up to take a look, but instead…

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God's Winks

Joe and I ran into a friend last night after supper with his family and it reminded me of something she had shared with Joe a few weeks ago.  She refers to those little things in life, whether it be a prayer, a scripture, a story someone tells you, a song, a hug, a card, a gift, meeting someone new.…

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Insurances, bills, and confusion head is slightly spinning after spending quite some time on the phone with our health insurance company and a medical group I've never even heard of from which we received information for billing.

My heart sincerely goes out to any individual or family that has ever had to face a difficult…

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God's Calling

During our ladies bible study this week, something struck me in a bigger and different way than before while discussing our lesson from "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God". 

Lysa Terkheurst explains that there are five questions to help you know if God is speaking to you.  One of those ques…

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

This past week was Joe's birthday.  Number 32. 

Him and I had the opportunity to celebrate together one evening with a nice dinner and relaxation on the river, doing something we both  Floating down the river in the peaceful and serene surroundings, while the sun was setting, was…

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Tough days, and Fridays

Friday we had another big day of doctors appointments.  Joe and I both took the day off knowing it would be a lot of information to process and take in.

We had a pre-natal visit for the usual check up items and then an ultrasound to follow.  The ultrasound showed that our little Cullen is actua…

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